For registration and sending your paper, please use Registration Form

Registration fee includes the following for registered authors:

For online presentations, participants documents will be delivered to the participants as pdf with QR codes.

A server was rended for 2 years for document storage and retrieval.Sessions and participation certificates will be kept for 2 years ( 30 June 2025) on the conference page. Proceeding and abstract books will be kept for 2 years ( 30 June 2025). The related presentation, proceeding and abstract books, participant documents will be reached via the QR code on the participation documents.

For face to face presentations, participants documents will be given by hand at the time of the conference.

Conference participation fee is as follows.

Face-to-face participant

Regular participation: 650 TL ( 40 €, Non-Turkey participant )

Student: 550 TL ( 30€, Non-Turkey participant )

Online participation

Regular participant : 350 TL ( 20 €, Non-Turkey participant )

Student: 250 TL ( 15€, Non-Turkey participant )

NOT: The participation fee is valid for one presentation only. Each subsequent presentation fees 150 TL (10€).

Bank accounts are HERE


For Face-to-Face Participation

Abstract book

Full text book (pdf document)

Certificate of participation

Online meeting real rooms

Conference materials


Coffee break (coffee, tea, etc.)

For Online Participation

Online meeting user ID

Participation certificate (pdf document, QR code)

Abstract Book (pdf document)

Full text book (pdf document)