Accepted Papers

Optimal Oscillation Conditions for Delay Differential Equations

Ioannis p. Stavroulakis

Boundedness of n – dimensional singular integrals in fractional spaces

N.K. Bliev, Zh.Kh. Zhunussova

Hilbert Smith Conjecture and Equivariant Maps Between 3-Spheres with 
Circle Action

Ali Özkurt

A Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchal Process for Evaluating Public Transport Service Quality: Evidence from an EU Capital

Sarbast Moslem, Szabolcs Duleba

Secondary School Mathematics Teachers’ Opinions About Using Educational Games in Mathematics Teaching

Murat Özata, Orkun Coşkuntuncel

The Effect Of Teaching Statistics with Vustat Onto Secondary School Students’ Learning Retention

Muhammet Kimsesiz , Orkun Coşkuntuncel

Many Valued Topological Structures in the Fuzzy Soft Universe

Vildan Çetkin

Some Properties of (T, S)- Intuitionistic Fuzzy Algebras

Sinem Tarsuslu

An Application of Multi Criteria Decision Making Using Intuitionistic Fuzzy PROMETHEE

Feride Tuğrul, Mehmet Çitil

 Interpretation of Physical Conditions of Schools With Fuzzy Multi Criteria Decision Making

Mehmet Çitil, Beyza Karasolak ve Feride Tuğrul