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For Mathematics and applications of its, it is planned to prepare

4th International Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets and Contemporary Mathematics Conference – IFSCOM2017″

Mersin, Turkey, 03–07 May, 2017


All areas of Mathematics; Algebra, Analysis, Topology, Geometry,  Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets and Structures, Applied Mathematics, Logic and Applications, etc. Also,  Generalized Nets, Controls, Robotics and other related areas.

First conference was held in November 13-19, 2014 in Mersin University/Mersin

Second conference was held in October 14-18, 2015 in Lamos Hotel/ Mersin

Third conference was held in 29 August-01 September, 2016 in Mersin University/Mersin

Conference papers will be published in special issue of the journal NIFS  , the journal JUM, Conferance Proceedings Book (ISBN 978-975-6900-54-3) or Conference Abstract book


Atanassov Awards will be organized in IFSCOM2017. The purpose of the “Atanassov Awards” is to encourage Advisors and Graduate Students. For details: http:


IFSCOM2017 inlclude Online Section for busy scientist. For presentation in online section, skype will be  used.


The conference will  include P2P Offices for dicsussion (15 min) with invited speakers and other participiants. For planned the P2P Offices, participiants must  inform about details before IFSCOM2017 dates. Please send your demands to  oaq.chair@gmail.com

The conference format includes the plenary lecturers  (40 minutes) and the section sessions (20 minutes)

The abstracts will be published prior to the beginning of the conference.


email: paperifscom@gmail.com

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